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Mastering Bitcoin: Chapters 3 & 4

Mastering Bitcoin

Join our vibrant reading discussion group as we dive into Mastering Bitcoin, the ultimate technical guide to understanding Bitcoin. Perfect for those eager to deeply grasp the intricacies of Bitcoin, this group combines a fun and supportive environment for learning complex technical concepts.

Each week, we'll explore a different pair of chapters, enriching your self-reading experience. We'll provide thought-provoking questions ahead of each session to guide your reading and fuel engaging discussions. Our meetups are not just about discussing the book; they're about building a community of Bitcoin enthusiasts and builders.

Discover, discuss, and delve into the world of Bitcoin with us. Your journey towards mastering Bitcoin starts here!

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How It Works

We recommend that you read up on the event format before you attend.

This Session

In this session, somebody will lead us through a discussion of:

  • Chapter 3: Bitcoin Core: The Reference Implementation
  • Chapter 4: Keys & Addresses

Study Questions

These questions are provided to help guide your thinking as read the material. We'll try to answer these together when we meet to discuss the chapter.

Chapter 3

  • Which command enables you to enable or disable bitcoin features when building bitcoin core?
  • Where is the default location of bitcoind?
  • How much data is initially required for bitcoin blockchain data for a full node?
  • How much data is required for transactions over 30 days for a full node?
  • What does block height mean?

Chapter 4

  • What are bitcoin addresses in terms of public/private key encryption?
  • What evidence is typically required to be authorized to spend in a bitcoin transaction?
  • Why is it hard to determine one's private key from a public key in elliptic curve cryptography?
  • What is the purpose of base58check encoding?
  • What are the steps involved in base58check encoding?
  • What tradeoffs does Bech32 have compared to base58check encoding?
  • What is the difference between Bech32 and Bech32m?
  • What is compressed in a "compressed private key"?