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Mastering Bitcoin Reading Group

Mastering Bitcoin

Join our vibrant reading discussion group as we dive into Mastering Bitcoin, the ultimate technical guide to understanding Bitcoin. Perfect for those eager to deeply grasp the intricacies of Bitcoin, this group combines a fun and supportive environment for learning complex technical concepts.

Each week, we'll explore a different pair of chapters, enriching your self-reading experience. We'll provide thought-provoking questions ahead of each session to guide your reading and fuel engaging discussions. Our meetups are not just about discussing the book; they're about building a community of Bitcoin enthusiasts and builders.

Discover, discuss, and delve into the world of Bitcoin with us. Your journey towards mastering Bitcoin starts here!

How It Works

On your own time, read this week's chapter. Show up at this event (in-person or remotely) to discuss the chapter with other participants. Each session will follow this format:

  1. Introductions (~5 minutes): participants are invited to introduce themselves (we will skip this if there is nobody new in the room).
  2. Gather Questions (~5-10 minutes): then, we will go around the room to quickly discern what questions people had, what people were confused about, etc. and take note of these on the whiteboard so we can discuss further.
  3. Discussion (~60 minutes): next, we will try and collectively answer the study questions together, as well as address any issues people defined in the prior step.
  4. Post-meetup Hangout (8:00pm - whenever): afterwards, those joining in-person typically go to a restaurant or bar together to socialize.


More Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy the book?

You can buy the book here, and we recommend buying it if you plan to keep up with the reading. However, it's up to you how you do the reading. There is an older version of the book you can read for free on GitHub, but it is many years outdated compared to the 3rd Edition we'll be discussing.

When buying, ensure that you are getting the 3rd Edition and that David Harding is listed as one of the authors.

Can I join remotely?

Yes, join our Telegram room to be a part of the Atlanta BitDevs community chat. Here, we'll share a Jitsi link before the event where you can join the discussion.

Can I join if I haven't read this week's chapter?

Even if you haven't kept up with the reading, feel free to join us! While our discussions will center around the week's selected chapters, there's always room for everyone. And don't miss the chance to continue the conversation over dinner, where any and all Bitcoin-related questions are welcome.