Atlanta BitDevs

A Poem About Bitcoin

In a world where shopping is a click away,
Banks were the heroes, processing our pay.
But costs they were high, and fraudsters were sly,
So a new way was needed, a new system to try.

A system of coins, with digital signs,
Where trust wasn't needed, and neither were fines.
To keep double spending from ruining the day,
A secure record of order would light the way.

Transfers of ownership, in digital terms,
To prevent any confusion, or wormy worms.
No need for a bank to keep all in check,
With everyone watching, what the heck?

A timestamp server, keeping track of the hour,
Proving transactions with unchallengeable power.
Each stamp is a link, in a chain ever-growing,
Secure in its truth, and all-knowing.

Proof-of-work, a system so neat,
Making fraudsters retreating in defeat.
Blocks of transactions, a chain of command,
Built on the work of the honest hand.

Nodes in a network, working away,
Sharing transactions, keeping chaos at bay.
The longest chain rules, it's the one that's right,
While the network hums on, day and night.

Incentives for all, to keep the system afloat,
Coins for the workers, a reward of note.
A balance of power, the system in check,
With honesty rewarded, and fraud a speck.

Old transactions can fade, save some space,
Yet their impact remains, not a trace.
Storing is simple, memory's not strained,
With a system so smart, not one bit is drained.

Payments verified, without needing a node,
A simplified system, carrying the load.
But always be cautious, of the attacker's snare,
Running your own node, if you dare.

Combining and splitting, a flexible deal,
Keeping transactions smooth, with an even keel.
Privacy maintained, the keys stay hidden,
While the details of trades are openly written.

And finally, calculations, a mathematical sight,
Protecting from fraud with all their might.
A system so strong, yet easy and light,
In the world of digital transactions, it's truly a bright sight.