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Bitcoin Socratic Seminar #24

Bitcoin Socratic Seminar #24

It’s almost time for Bitcoin Socratic Seminar #24!

What is a Socratic Seminar?

Inspired by other BitDevs meetups around the US, our Socratic Seminar events are formatted to foster debate, information sharing and lively discussion.

  1. Discussion topics are provided ahead of the event
  2. The event moderator(s) leads the audience through the topics
  3. Raise your hand to grab the mic and participate in the conversation
  4. We go to a bar afterwards

Logistics for Tonight

Tonight we'll be meeting at ATL BitLab. If this is your first time attending a meetup at BitLab, follow these parking instructions and join our telegram channel in case you need to ask for help finding us the night of the event.


🧑 Bitcoin

Opinion: Why Inscriptions are an exploitπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

payjoin-0.12.0 ReleasedπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

Bitcoin Design: Multi-wallet Management Page

Bitcoin Design Guide: Multiple WalletsπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

PR #1040: New multi-wallet management pageπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

⚑️ Lightning

Introducing FiatLink: A Lightning ↔ Fiat StandardπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

[Lightning-dev] Liquidity Ads: Updated Spec Posted, please reviewSummary unavailable

Strike adds support for sending to Lightning address (Previously receive only)

Peerswaps: A Lightning channel rebalancing mechanismπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

Lightning Mailing List movesπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

LN-Symmetry Project RecapπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

🟣 Nostr

Nostream v 2.0.0 release: NIP-26 support removedSummary unavailable

Mutiny Wallet: Nostr contact searchSummary unavailable

πŸ“Š Business

BitcoinConnect wins Legends of Lightning hackathonπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

Local Abbot project wins Community & Education prize at Legends of LightningSummary unavailable

CoinGate reports increased lightning network usage from their customers in 2023πŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

VanEck promises to donate 5% of Bitcoin ETF profits to Bitcoin Core Devs via BrinkSummary unavailable

Bitwise will donate 10% of Bitcoin ETF profits to Brink, HRF, and OpenSatsSummary unavailable

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Privacy & InfoSec

Ledger library files compromised with a drainer

Tether's Letter To Lawmakers Reveals It 'Recently Onboarded' Secret Service On Its PlatformπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5

Governments spying on Apple, Google users through push notifications - US senatorSummary unavailable

LNbank Vulnerability RecapπŸ“„SummarizedπŸ§’Explain Like I’m 5